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Recommended Reading: Responsive Web Design and Content Management Systems

I recently wrote an article on Responsive Web Design and how it applies to Content Management Systems, an area I'm very involved in. In the near future, I'll make responsive designs for my personal and company websites, but first I'm making sure I make them available to clients.

Below is an excerpt, followed by a link to the rest of the original article.

Responsive web design and mobile first are two concepts that have been receiving a lot of attention from the design community. While everyone’s talking about the progressive enhancement approach for designing themes, there’s been a surprising lack of talk about it from the CMS Administration end.

Recently, I was having a conversation with my girlfriend about replacing her old 13” Macbook. It’s getting up there in years and is still running Tiger OSX. Initially, she was planning on replacing it with a new 13” Macbook Pro.

Responsive Web Design and Content Management Systems - Why a “Mobile First” Perspective is the Future of SiteNinja CMS

"Do you think I should just get an iPad 3 instead?" she asked. My first reaction to this question was that a tablet is not a direct-replacement for a laptop. You wouldn’t want to do heavy word processing on a tablet (although a bluetooth keyboard might make that more practical). But she made a good case for the switch. Most of her online time is used to browse, shop, or watch videos; three activities that suit the iPad perfectly. She also does most of her browsing while relaxing, where an iPad would be the ideal device from a comfort standpoint. If she needs more, the laptop is still there, but it’s going to be used far less.

The shift away from the traditional desktop environment

The fact is that she’s not alone in her desire to ditch the laptop/desktop environment to suit her Internet needs. Mobile and tablet Internet usage has been increasing at an astounding rate. In fact, mobile usage is slated to overtake desktop by 2014 (source). With this in mind, the necessity to shift focus away from catering to a desktop user experience (and cramming all of that onto a small mobile device) needs to happen yesterday.

Read the full article on site-ninja.com.